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About us Telecom OSS BSSHuman are evolving slowly but steadily, the cornerstone of the human evolution is knowledge. Human knowledge is incremental: we always use the known knowledge to discover new things that, once approved and confirmed, will be later part of human knowledge, mathematically : Knowledge= Knowledge + d(Knowledge).

We believe that knowledge should be open, free, accessible, for anyone who wants to acquire it and that’s why we built this site. We think we know few things about a specific area called Telecom OSS and BSS and we would like to share the little we know.

If you want to participate in spreading the OSS and BSS knowledge, We would love to invite you helping us by writing in our Guest Post section and we would also love to see you part of our Newsletter and social pages below:

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One comment

  1. Hi,
    i would like to have a Idea on what OSS exactly is,could you please explain how OSS can really be used in real time.what are the services,activities we can perform with OSS?
    could you please elaborate in simple terms with few examples for better understanding.
    myself an QA Engineer so i really wish to know the part of Tester in OSS and explain how testing is perform for OSS

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